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We carry Leisure Time Chemicals, and the new @ease system, which takes the worry out of adding chemicals every week! Stop by the store for more information!

Filters should be cleaned every 4 months when you drain and replace the water in your tub, and should be replaced once a year. We can order filters for any spa!

We are now a dealer with RAM GameRoom, which allows us to order great indoor tropical themed decor! These are just some of the items available for purchase. Come in the store for more info! 

The average life span of a spa cover is 5-7 years. If your cover is getting hard to lift, it's probably time to replace it. We can order a new one for you in a variety of colors to fit just about any spa!

We also have cover lifts to make it easier to open! If you can't get open your cover by yourself, you need a lift! Customers who have a cover lift agree that it makes their spa so much easier to enjoy!

chemicals & filters


We have many other accessories to make using your hot tub easy and enjoyable! Add liquid fragrance to your water for an invigorating experience. We also have steps, caddies, safety rails, booster pillows, and many other products to help you relax and enjoy your  spa!

Not only do we install new hot tubs and saunas, we also service them! Ryan has 20 years experience in spa service and installation, and has won numerous customer service awards!  Do you have a spa that needs repair? Give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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