The Hydrozone is the flagship of our swim spa range. It is our only dual zone swim spa. With seperate therapy, relaxation and swim zones. This design has many advantages. One is the ability to have different temperature settings in the zones, making the most of comfort levels.

The Hydrozone has comfortable seating for the entire family, up to 68 jets, up to four high volume swim jets and 5 pumps. After a swimming work-out you can relax in the spa zone and choose from a lounger seat, a neck and shoulder massage seat, 2 back massage seats or the frequently used cool down seat.

  • 6 colour combinations
  • Timber free Permaframe construction
  • Lifetime structural ‘no rot’ warranty
  • Premium Balboa control system
  • Childproof lockable hardcover
  • Purezone water filters (3+1 micro)
  • Ozone water clarifier



Primary Specs
Seating 5
Dimension 19'5" x 7'6" x 5'
Volume 344/1584 Gallons
Weight (full) 19530 lbs
Jets Up to 68
Additional Specs
High Volume Swim Jets 2 x 6"
Directional Spinning Jets 2 x 5"
Single Spinning Jets 5 x 5"
Directional Jets 6 x 3"
Single Spinning Jets 9 x 3"
Single Spinning Jets 9 x 3"
Directional Jets 30 x 2"


Light everywhere

Vortex Spas Hydroglow lighting system has become the envy of all others. Our innovative use of LED has changed the way spa pools are being lit. Now, thanks to Hydroglow it’s very easy to have your swim spas light match your colourful personality.

Step lights

Getting in and out of a spa in the dark can be a hazard. The Vortex Hydroglow step lights are strategically placed above the steps for clear visibility without killing the mood.

LED flood light

Our powerful LED flood light does the heavy lifting to illuminate your spa at night. This leaves the other lights to add ambience to all the right places.

Illuminated water feature

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water. Add a touch of light and you have created the perfect sanctuary to be rested and mindful.

Non-slip backlit cup holder

It’s important to stay hydrated while in your spa. Our backlite coasters illuminate your drink and help reduce accidental spills. Included in Avante upgrade.

Backlit laminar jets

Our backlit laminar water jets create a continuous unbroken stream of water that creates no splash or noise. Be the envy of your neighbourhood with this beautiful and totally mesmerising water feature.

Backlit topside controls

The controls need to be seen in the dark. By applying the same translucent component idea to the controls, we found a way to make them not only pretty, but easy to see.

Waterline lights

These lights form a ring around the waterline to give a fairylight effect and sparkle. Your soft, twinkling light is colour synced to the hydroglow family.

Hydroglow Jets

One of the first frustrations we had with traditional spa lighting was the fact it was one big light. When what we really wanted was a sparkle of light everywhere. We wanted to create ambiance, without it being too bright. By making each jet core translucent we were able to backlight it with multi-coloured, attractive LED lighting. This idea started the Vortex Spas light revolution, bringing just the right light to everywhere.

Duraflex plumbing

Nobody wants a leaking swim spa! Vortex Spas are plumbed using Duraflex flexible PVC plumbing, which is specially designed for use in high performance swim spas.

Duraflex incorporates a coil of rigid PVC within it’s walls that allows the piping to flex but not kink. This ensures equal pressure to every jet whilst avoiding rigid right angle joints that can reduce hydrotherapy pressure.

Hydroflow bearing-less jets

Vortex swim spas come with a 5 year jet warranty. Our Hydroflow jets last and last because our they have no bearings to fail. This makes them extremely reliable even under heavy use.

Thermaclad cabinet

Because Thermoclad is produced using a UV resistant polymer, with the exception of a regular hose down, Thermoclad requires no maintenance. Contrast this to natural timbers which must be stained on a regular basis, Thermoclad is a great time saving alternative.

Due to the hot, damp environment that occurs around a swim spa, even the hardiest of timbers will be susceptible to mold and mildew. As a synthetic material, this will not be the case with your Thermoclad cabinet.

Thermabond 4 layer shell construction

At the heart of any quality swim spa is a quality spa shell. After all, whilst pumps and other equipment can be replaced, the swim spas shell cannot.

For this reason, Vortex Spas use a 4 layer, 8 step Thermabond lamination process not found in most swim spas. This process includes the curing of the shell in a temperature and humidity controlled oven. This is absolutely vital if the shell of the swim spa is to last the lifetime of ownership.

Tough steel framework

All Vortex swim spa frames use top quality, durable steel. This is because a steel structure retains its integrity and requires minimal on-going maintenance.

Wooden batons are strategically placed within the framework to assist where fastening is required.

Aristech acrylic

Isn’t is nice to know that your Vortex swim spa is made out of the best acrylic available. Our acrylic is made in the USA by Aristech.

Rest easy knowing your swim spa’s acrylic is manufactured to handle the weather extremes.

Seating and Jets

2 standing / corner back massage zones

1 cool down seat

2 back massage seats

1 shoulder and neck therapy seat

1 lounger seat

6" High Volume Swim Jet

5" Directional Jet

5" Single Spinning Jet

3" Directional Jet

3" Single Spinning Jet

2" Directional Jet

2" Twin Spinning Jet


DesignStudio Bug Report

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