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Plug and Play Series

The Plug-N-Plays spas from Viking Spas allow you to have a portable hot tub, making relaxation available to you – wherever the wind takes you. The portable spa literally plugs into a standard 15 amp outlet to provide you with ease of electrical hook up, rather than setting up pipes. Simply place your spa, fill it with water and then plug the GFCI cord into your outlet. OR you can convert the power system to 240v either at the time you buy it or anytime in the future! Since this is a portable hot tub, you are able to easily transport it if you need to relocate. No digging, no installation, simply plug in where you would like. Living in a rental home and would like a hot tub? A portable hot tub is the perfect choice for you. What’s left? Enjoy your new spa for many, many years to come.


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